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WELCOME TO Hope Ministry Project Inc.

Humanitarian in South Florida

Hope Ministry Project Inc. is a non-profit organization in South Florida that provides tailored programs designed to create a meaningful and lasting change in the lives of those in need. We are committed to making a positive impact, focusing on health, education, stability, and quality of life. In pursuing our mission, we extend a helping hand to individuals and communities, providing not just assistance but also hope, love, and care. Our ultimate goal is to uplift lives and guide people toward a brighter future. At the heart of our work lies the profound belief in the power of faith. We are driven by the desire to bring people closer to the knowledge of Christ, fostering spiritual growth alongside tangible improvements in their circumstances.

WHAT WE DO Our Programs

We have an array of programs that aim to support individuals and communities in enriching their lives through healthcare, education, and more. We strive to make a lasting impact on their lives.

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    Hope House Miami

    Offering shelter and hope for those without a home

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    Weekly Feeding

    Providing healthy meals or a gift card that can nourish their bodies and overall well-being.

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    Medical Mission Trip Santo Domingo 2023

    Where we bring healthcare and hope to those in need

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    Shaping the futures of children through education

WE ARE COMMITTED Our Mission Statement

The mission of Hope Ministry Project Inc. is to provide communities in South Florida with a growing homeless population access to services and supplies to alleviate the pressing short-term housing needs of the homeless men and women in their area. Our work is about building stronger communities, neighborhoods, and lives, and we believe that outreach and engagement, as well as access to resources and information for persons and families experiencing homelessness, are crucial aspects of work.

About Us

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Are you interested in helping those in need? Know how you can take part in extending our services.

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Sign Up As a Sponsor

Give the gift of hope to those in need. Your contribution will help them achieve stability and improve their quality of life. Become a sponsor now!

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Whenever you have inquiries, feel free to connect with us.