Helping Those In Need of Care and Assistance

Our Beginning

Since 2005, Hope House Miami has been providing transitional housing and support services to individuals and families experiencing homelessness to facilitate their move to independent living. Jessie Guillaume, a founder, had the vision to start Hope House Miami while serving as part of an outreach program that provided church-sponsored meals and gift cards to men and women experiencing homelessness in the downtown Miami area.

It was during one of these outreach sessions that she encountered a teenager who was afraid to return home after she was raped by her father. This broke Jessie’s heart, and she vowed that she would find property to help people who needed shelter, safety, and stability. She persevered and purchased a property for this purpose. In 2008, with the help of individuals who shared Jesse’s passion, serving as the Board of Directors, Hope House Miami was granted non-profit status, and the journey began.

Hope Ministry Project Inc. exists to glorify God by igniting HOPE and bringing positive, lasting change in the lives of the oppressed, domestically and abroad. As a non-profit organization in South Florida, we empower orphaned and impoverished children in Haiti and those experiencing homelessness in South Florida.

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Our Mission

The mission of Hope Ministry Project Inc. is to provide communities in South Florida with a growing homeless population access to services and supplies to alleviate the pressing short-term housing needs of the homeless men and women in their area. Our work is about building stronger communities, neighborhoods, and lives, and we believe that outreach and engagement, as well as access to resources and information for persons and families experiencing homelessness, are crucial aspects of work.

Through job training and other social programs, and the loving hands of a guidance team, the Hope Ministry Project Inc. is far more than a temporary transitional shelter.

Our Vision

To offer a true friendship that will nurture each individual with inner peace and hope and share God’s gift with others.

To be helpful and encouraging to the desperately needy – the battered and abused, the broken spirit, the financially broken, the lonely and scared.

To provide learning experiences that will develop knowledge and skills that could help start a new life.

To develop teamwork and the pleasure of cooperative effort as we instruct others to practice a healthy lifestyle and worthwhile tasks in the community.

Our Goals

  • Homeless Outreach

    We want to increase the number of individuals we can serve weekly and expand to serve those experiencing homelessness, not only in Miami-Dade County but in Broward and Palm Beach counties as well.

  • Hope House

    We help those who cannot help themselves. We want to have transitional facilities to serve those needing help in Broward and Palm Beach counties to complement our current efforts in Miami-Dade.

  • Our Orphanage

    We want to provide increased stability through the purchase of the property where the orphanage is located.

  • Future Hope

    As our orphan children continue to get older, we want to continue to support their pursuit of higher education. It is through education that they can hope to escape pervasive poverty.

Our Staff

  • Jessie Guillaume

    Jessie Guillaume President

  • Kimy Joseph

    Kimy Joseph Administration Advisor

  • Dr. Marcia Mcfarlane

    Dr. Marcia Mcfarlane Chairman of the board

  • Delone Plummer APRN

    Delone Plummer APRN Marketing Liaison

Connect with Us!

If you have further inquiries about us and our programs, please feel free to contact us.