We provide shelters for the homeless for their stable and self-reliant life.

Once a facility that housed only male residents, we have now expanded to include family quarters. We have a 100% successful transition rate in that none of the individuals or families we have provided support for return to homelessness.

HOPE House Miami is a transitional facility located in a quiet, tree-lined Miami neighborhood. Established in 2005, Hope House Foundation provides support and resources for those experiencing homelessness to become stable and self-sufficient. More than a house, it is a home for individuals and families who are in need.

Hope Ministry Project Inc.

Hope House is the continuous efforts of your support and our will. We strive to offer unconditional support, which is possible with your support.

What do we do for them?

The most vulnerable are the homeless in South Florida. We help them settle and live a dignified life where they can easily access basic needs like food, shelter, clothing, employment, and health.

We make them believe that they are equally crucial to us, and we do everything possible to get them back in the mainstream. To bank upon our claim, we have a 100% transition rate, which means none of the people we have supported have been returned to the state of homelessness.

We provide Miami shelters for the homeless for their stable and self-reliant life.

Become a Donor

If you feel the urge and need to support our cause, you can donate any amount you feel comfortable with. We have been running this project since 2005 because of your continuous support. You can make a difference in the lives of the vulnerable.

Getting them back on their own can make this world a better place. Supporting them can help them abstain from falling into criminal activities and other anti-social activities.

If you relate to this great cause, you can donate to us. Your donation can make a significant change in the lives of the needy. Get a part of this cause and bring a meaningful change to the ones who need it.

Let’s Donate

The Hope House Foundation from the Hope Ministry Project Inc. settles down the people from homeless people in Miami. We strive to offer the amenities and services to get them covered to lead a normal, healthy, and happy life.

The process of involving them in regular social awareness campaigns and mainstream is done by the steps of a process we use. We ensure they get regular meals, health benefits, shelter, clothes, and education for their children to build a strong foundation for a bright future.

You can make them sparkle from the darkness of life; bring a ray of hope to those who need you and your support. Let’s craft a beautiful life out of them and make them shine on the horizon of success with the Hope House Ministry project in South Florida.

We at the HOPE Ministry Project Inc. strive to glorify God. We do so by igniting the HOPE. We keep the homeless positive. We bring long-lasting positive changes in the lives of the oppressed.

At Hope Ministry Center, we tend to empower the orphaned and impoverished children in Haiti and those experiencing homelessness in South Florida.

Your support can bring a positive change.

Why donate to the homeless?

Donations can bring positive changes not just to the beneficiaries but to the donor as well. We jot down changes you tend to feel once you donate to a Miami shelter for the homeless like the Hope Ministry Project Inc..

  1. Feel Good Factor: Donating to a noble cause can make you feel great and happy. Once you donate, your body releases the hormones that make you feel good about the things you consider significant.
  2. Tax benefits: You can enjoy a tax rebate for the charity you do. It can benefit your business in a significant way.
  3. Creates an impression: Charity can make you ideal for a section of society. It dramatically influences people around you, whether from business, office, or home.
  4. Change– that matters: Charity for a noble cause can help you bring some changes in the lives of the needy. The post-donation psychological effects can make you feel great. It makes you more humble, loving, and passionate about the things that matter.

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